MALEK Theatre

November 1936

Bob Malek, along with two other young men from Chicago, travel to Gladbrook to visit some cousins and go pheasant hunting. The cousins take them to The Uptown Theatre one evening where one of the girls with the three men who knew Dorothy ended up introducing her to all three of them. When it was time for the second show to being the six entered the theatre and Dorothy never gave any of them a second thought.

She states that six weeks later she received a letter in the mail from one of them, Bob Malek. She doesn’t even remember what he wrote her but to be polite she ended up writing him back. After receiving that letter in return, Bob knew that was the girl he was going to go after! They continued to exchange letters and he finally asked her on a date, dancing at the Electric Park Ballroom in Waterloo, IA. It took her a while but she ultimately accepted the date.